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StrunoBit is a collaboration of two magic sounds of the instruments - Handpans & StrunoBan guitar.
Each new Handpan trip is accompanied by StrunoBan harmony, which lets you to feel a new side of melody.
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Our Latest Video

StrunoBit - Chabarna (David Charrier) Handpan Trip, Lap Tapping Guitar

StrunoBit News!

Now we are working with the team on the creation of the next model of StrunoBan V2. What will be new:
1. It will be an instrument with nylon strings.
2. The newest system pickup - Glasound will be used. The system that allows you to work with overdrive effects with nylon strings, system make analog and Midi signal, also has different settings for each string!
3. We will change the body of the instrument, will no longer resemble the guitar!

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