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Since childhood I was interested in playing piano. Once I tried to play simple melody and liked that so much, I decided to learn playing on this musical instrument and study music.


Many years later I joined the band  as a piano player where I met Igor. After we decided to come to China. National musical instruments and national melodies of this country attracted me and I started listening to ethnic music. Later I'd seen a Handpan, which sounds is amazing and magical. Since that time I'm interested in playing Handpan, trying to combine with other musical instruments in different music styles.

They started working together on arrival to China, Victoria helped playing the tunes on Handpan and also made a significant part of the interesting musical material in the form of cover versions. Now they are working on the creation of our joint author's material.
In 2018, Igor along with his team released their first musical instrument - StrunoBan.
Now the project "StrunoBit" uses 3 Handpan, 1 Rav Vest and StrunoBan!


StrunoBit is a unique musical project that has no analogues in the world. 
Rapidly gaining popularity on the stages of India and China.

The idea of the project is a combination of two musical instruments:

Handpan has an incredible cosmic sound, captivates hearing and is able to immerse the mind in a state of meditation.

The StrunoBan invented in order to complement the sound of Handpan. The StrunoBan - combines a guitar a "baritone" Cajon and percussion with a full palette.


StrunoBit owner

My name is Igor, I played guitar from a young age, participated in various music bands, but my life was changed by my first acquaintance with handpan. Handpan's sound struck my mind and still does't let it go. I fell in love with this sound and started practicing composing.
When I already had a few Handpan songs, the sound of the handpan seemed so lonely to me, so I started looking for a pair for it. I tried different music instruments: percussion, strings, keyboards, but one instrument was never enough. Because after a short time of experimentation I already had an understanding of what I needed.
I decided to invent my own instrument to fully complement the sound of handpans.  I Started my development of a new instrument - a StrunoBan. In the beginning I used the acoustic guitar the Yamaha APX700, constantly modifying the aspects I wasn't satisfied with, so I completely redid the guitar neck, then finished the guitar top (soundboard) and that was only the beginning...

Viktoria Shein

handpan player

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