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The idea of the guitar "STRUNOBAN" 

The idea arose because of the need to complement the sound of the magic instrument Handpan. Guitar "Strunoban" involves modifying the design of the fretboard and body, as well as the new technique of sound production.

Design changes in the model, based on an acoustic guitar:

- reinforced neck, adapted to the new technique.
- the upper part of the deck, replaced by a percussion membrane, type "Cajon".

Performance technique:

- There are wide percussion possibilities, due to a special membrane, you can now extract almost the entire palette of sounds of the usual percussion instruments.
- Standard build adopted DBGDAD (1-6 strings) and "baritone" DAFCGC (1-6 strings).
- Due to the modified system, we can play thick and juicy bass, which perfectly complements any musical idea of Handpan.
- A more comfortable position of the left hand makes it easy to take the unfolded chords, getting much more overtones.
Harmony played on such chords gives a rich middle and serves as a good harmonic "support" for the Handpan (harmonically-limited instrument).
- Right hand got all the charm of the famous technique "Lap Tapping", a little work out you can freely play a good solo, as well as very convenient to actively use " flageolet".

Flageolet goes perfectly with the sound of Handpan, opening new horizons of mystical sound space.

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